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>January 8, 2021

Co-worker nominates Tamiko Curl for Wow Moment of December

Tamiko Curl, emergency room tech, was the December recipient for WOW Moment of the Month, for her dedication to going above and beyond in providing excellent patient care.

According to her nominating co-worker, Jesus Tobias, Tamiko is instrumental in keeping the emergency department running in tip top shape. “She pays attention to the needs of others, most especially to doctor’s orders and works hard to assist nursing staff to fulfill the orders expeditiously. Patient satisfaction is a priority for Tamiko. She warms the hearts of her patients and co-workers with her friendly smile and willingness to do what she can to make our patients’ experiences the best they can be.”

“This month the ED has seen a significant number of patients needing higher level of care for mental health treatment. Tamiko has gone above and beyond, playing a significant role in getting these patients the help they so desperately need. She is proactive in her approach to making sure the care progresses  forward by doing things such as faxing records, initiating calls for nursing staff and assisting with plans for transport.”

Jesus commented that Tamiko is a firm believer in our hospital mission statement and the obligation we have to care for all people and said she is known for taking the time to share our hospital and local resource information with patients in need of assistance with their medical care.

Tamiko has positively touched many lives throughout her career at Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital and we are honored and proud to have her on our team, because she is definitely WOW material.

Tamiko Curl accepts Wow Moment award.

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