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>March 6, 2020

Sylvia surpasses all expectations, awarded WOW

Sylvia Thompson, director of materials management, has earned this month’s Wow for the decisions she makes and the actions she takes when no one is watching. Orthopedist, Dr. Kenneth Jurist, explained the situation in his Wow submission, “It was about two months ago, I had written an order in Cerner for a knee brace. There was a patient at Bomar who was having knee pain that limited their progress in the physical therapy sessions. They had known knee problems, and I wrote an order for the brace. After the order was written, I did not know where the braces come from. I came to find out that we do not stock any braces and do not have any sales reps or company contracts to provide them. Sylvia could have simply called and said we can’t do that.”

“However, unbeknownst to me, she went to at least three different stores on her own to try to get the brace that I had ordered and buy it,” Dr. Jurist said. “She went to Walgreens, Walmart and a couple of other places shopping for the right brace. She never called and asked if that would be necessary, she just did it because it was an order for a patient.”

“That says something about Sylvia and her caring nature. She deserves recognition even though that is not why she did it. She should be an example to others, as she exemplifies what it takes to serve patients. Actions like that are what will separate Memorial employees from other facilities and make patients feel special.” We applaud your proactive, patients-first attitude, Sylvia!

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Director of materials management is honored with the WOW award.


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