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>November 15, 2019

Financial counselor loses sleep for her patient, WOWs us

Beverly Perkins is a financial counselor here at Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital, assisting patients in securing their Medicaid eligibility. She has also gone through the training to monitor high-risk patients. Recently, she was asked to come to the hospital to sit with one such patient overnight. She had already completed her shifts for the week but did not hesitate to race to the hospital to help. She stayed all night until 7 a.m., left to go home to shower and change, then came right back for her regular day shift. Beverly is known for random acts of kindness and has been seen on multiple occasions having lunch (that she bought) with a visitor in need and comforting them during a hard time. We’re glad you’re part of the Memorial family, Beverly!

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Financial counselor loses sleep for her patient, WOWs us  


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