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>October 2, 2020

Hannah juggles work, family life as Garrison Clinic PA

Hannah Adkison, PA-C, admits that “what they say is true – it takes a village!” Hannah understands the plight of the working mom and is quick to point out her own mom Diane’s role in helping to manage the modern-day juggling act. Diane lives next door to Hannah and cares for her kids while she’s hard at work as a physician assistant at Care First Clinic-Garrison.

Now a mom to three, Hannah grew up in Garrison and studied at University of Texas Medical Branch with a dream of providing for her family by working in medicine. “I wanted to help people but also raise a family. Being a physician assistant appealed to these desires. I am blessed with this life balance between career and raising kids.”

Hannah always had a strong love for family and knew she wanted to spend as much time being with her children as possible. She looks forward to eating lunch with her beautiful children, Mariah (age 5) and twins, Reece and Sydney (age 3), every day that she can. She knows she is blessed with a job she loves near her family in Garrison. “I cannot imagine working anywhere else but for Memorial,” she said.

Working for Memorial Hospital is actually a family affair. Rocky, her husband of eight years, is also a hard working EMT for us. Keeping their young family “healthy, alive and in one piece” is the couple’s shared hobby. “We enjoy playing outside and just spending time together,” she said. She also recently found out that her family will be growing. Her sister Jordan and brother-in-law Sam are expecting a baby boy in February 2021.

Hannah really enjoys the variety that family medicine brings to her day, making her professional life just as interesting as her family life. She lives by the philosophy “Be mindful how you conduct yourself. You never know when you are inspiring someone.”

As her clan grows at home and her patient base grows at work, Hannah is eager to embrace both families.

Hannah Adkison juggles work, family life

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